‘Stranger Things’ star Jamie Campbell Bower says he’s ‘still mad’ about Vecna’s backstory and thinks the villain has ‘more humanity’ than other characters

left: Jamie Campbell Bower smiling on a red carpet in a tan fedora hat;  right: Jamie Campbell Bower in full prosthetic makeup as vecna in Stranger Things.

Jamie Campbell Bower plays Vecna ​​in ‘Stranger Things’.Steve Granitz/Getty Images; Netflix

  • Jamie Campbell Bower said his ‘Stranger Things’ character, Vecna, had a lot of ‘humanity’.

  • He said he was “still upset” about the environment his character was raised in.

  • Bower called Eleven banishing Vecna ​​to the upside down “actually very annoying.”

Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna ​​in “Stranger Things,” said his character had “more humanity than maybe everyone else,” despite his murderous, dimension-shattering tendencies.

Bower, who joined the series in season four to play the villain, told Variety he felt anger on behalf of his character. The villain, who operates from the Upside Down, was turned out to have started as a human with psychic powers† After killing his family, he became the first child in Martin Brenner’s Hawkins National Laboratory experiments — the experiments that eventually led to Eleven honing her powers.

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“He grew up in an environment where his father killed a villain and a civilian family at the behest of people he never knew who presented themselves as these righteous citizens,” Bower told Variety about the character. ‘Whose eyes are they in? I’m still mad about it now!’

The big reveal about Vecna’s past is in episode seven, which was released on May 27 in the first part of season four. In it, a young Elf (Millie Bobby Brown) banishes Vecna ​​to the Upside Down after he kills all the other kids in the lab. That banishment resulted in his monstrous physical appearance and serves as his motivation for threatening the town of Hawkins.

Bower said that while his character had “a lot of humanity”, Eleven’s banishment stripped him down to “anger and resentment”.

“That’s furious,” Bower said. “It’s more than that – it feeds hate. It’s annoying. It’s actually very annoying.”

Bower separately told People that to play on Vecna’s resentment, he printed photos of each of his victimscrossed their eyes, placed them on his wall and stared at it.

“Resentment is a huge driving force for Vecna,” Bower told People. “He’s got all this belief system that the world is a lie and that it’s unjust. And so preparing was about bringing it up and digging it up, [which meant] a lot of heavy, dark meditation, low-frequency sounds, a lot of saying the same things over and over.”

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