Theory climbs into the Top 3

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Money in the Bank is on the books, and there’s a lot of movement in our Power Rankings as the dust settles. The chieftain, Roman Reigns, is still at the “top” of this ranking despite not being in action, but the undisputed WWE Universal Champion will make an appearance on SmackDown. We have a new SmackDown Women’s Champion, a new United States Champion and a new Mr. Money in the Bank, bringing us three new faces in the Top 5 this week.

1. Roman Reigns – undisputed WWE Universal Champion (last week: 1)
As noted, Reigns will be on SmackDown this week ahead of his SummerSlam clash against “The Beast”, Brock Lesnar. It is billed as the Last Match, Last Time, Last Man Standing. Will this be Reigns’ last appearance in our top spot in the Power Rankings? If Lesnar shows up and leaves him lying around, that may be the case.

2. Bianca Belair – Raw Women’s Champion (last week: 4)
It wasn’t the most exciting match on the card, but WWE’s EST Belair put on another successful championship defense against Carmella at Money in the Bank. Carmella managed to go on the offensive in the match for a while, but after she punched the champion, Belair made short work of her opponent with a KOD, proving that Mella was absolutely no money this evening. Belair also took a tag team win on Raw with new SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan as they defeated Natalya and Carmella to keep her momentum going.

3. Theory – United States Champion (last week: 7)
Theory’s Money in the Bank night didn’t start very well, but the important thing is how you end. After a strong performance before finally taking on Bobby Lashley’s Hurt Lock and losing his championship in the United States, Theory was named a surprise additional entrant to the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Mr. McMahon’s protégé took his chance and punched Riddle against the canvas before lifting the briefcase. Theory was also on the losing side in a six-man tag team match on Raw when he and Alpha Academy fell victim to Lashley and the Street Profits, but capturing that briefcase was too valuable to knock him out of the top 3. to keep.

4. Gunther – Intercontinental Champion (last week: 6)
The Ring General had no match on SmackDown or Money in the Bank for the past week, but the dominant Intercontinental Champion made his presence felt on Raw. Dressed up as Uncle Sam, R-Truth celebrated Independence Day by quoting some lines from the movie of the same name, but Gunther wasn’t amused and soon destroyed Truth with a thunderous power bomb. Will anyone be able to take on a formidable challenge in the coming weeks?

5. Bobby Lashley (last week: 14)
“The All Mighty” had a dominant week, shooting up nine places, which would probably make him the biggest mover of the week on any other week (but Liv Morgan debuted at number 10 and had other ideas). Not only did Lashley recapture the United States Championship, but he did it by tapping Theory to the Hurt Lock. And as mentioned, he followed it up with a win alongside the Street Profits in six-man tag action. Judging by the public response in both Las Vegas and San Diego, he also appeared to be one of the most popular Superstars on both Money in the Bank and Raw. Lashley seems unstoppable now, but will he be able to rebroadcast Theory in their return match at SummerSlam?

6. The Usos – Undisputed Tag Team Champions (last week: 10)
As expected, the Usos again came out huge when it mattered most. While they often struggle when gold isn’t on the line, “The Ones” have proven to be unbeatable in championship matches. Not only did they beat the street wins at Money in the Bank, but it was easily the best match on the map – and that’s saying something against two ladder matches. Jimmy and Jey were able to survive an impressive double blockbuster and Montez Ford’s patented frog splash on the top rope, coming back with a double superkick and 1-D for the win.

7. Riddle (last week: 2)
What a tumult for Riddle. Last week, this time, he knocked on Roman Reigns’ door for the No. 1 spot on this list, but a crushing last minute loss in Saturday’s Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match knocked his share out of the Top 5. . That said, his RKO out of nowhere seems to have Seth Rollins on Raw “The Original Bro” lining up for an outstanding SummerSlam rivalry that has the potential to be the best match on the map if all is well said and done. For that, Riddle remains firmly in the Top 10 despite the fall.

8. Becky Lynch (last week: 9)
While “Big Time Becks” also failed to get hold of a briefcase at Money in the Bank, she bounced back even stronger than Riddle on Monday. Her Raw Main Event win over Asuka via a monster avalanche Manhandle Slam through a table in an entertaining No Holds Barred Match has put her back at the top of Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship contenders.

9. Seth “Freakin'” Rollins (last week: 3)
Like Riddle, Rollins fell after failing to win the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Saturday. But “The Architect” fell even further after having a Raw he’d rather forget, thanks in no small part to Riddle himself. Embarrassed by Ezekiel during The Street Profits’ 4th of July Extravaganza Bonanza Cookout, where Zeke got ketchup over Rollins’ Monday fit, “The Architect” was quickly knocked down again when Riddle explained Rollins’ after Rollins defeated Ezekiel in a single match and decided to trying to get seconds back on his defeated opponent. Rollins barely holds a spot in the Top 10 and could be in danger of falling further if he doesn’t quickly take revenge on his new rival.

10. Liv Morgan – SmackDown Women’s Champion (last week: unranked)
Well how about that. In one of the most unlikely wins in Money in the history of the bank, Liv Morgan outlasted seven other women to secure the briefcase and then cashed in Ronda Rousey and won to become SmackDown Women’s Champion in what may be the greatest feel-good moment. of the year. As the icing on the cake, Morgan tagged Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair to beat Carmella and Natalya after getting her own promo segment with the three other women. If she wasn’t unranked last week, she’d be higher on the list. Expect Morgan to rise even higher in the coming weeks barring major setbacks for the new champion.

11. Ronda Rousey – (Last week: 5)
Losing the SmackDown Women’s Championship and not appearing on Raw knocked Rousey out of the Top 5 and Top 10, but beating Natalya and being protected from a knee injury in her loss to Liv Morgan prevents her from going too far. drops down in the rankings. Whether or not she appears on SmackDown this week and what she does when she is will determine whether she falls further or embarks on a climb back to the Top 5.

12. Drew McIntyre (last week: 8)
Bit of a trap for Drew this week. He had a strong performance in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but ultimately fell short after a surprise loss to Happy Corbin on SmackDown and was absent on Monday. Given his momentum ahead of this week and the belief that he will still be well booked for a potential championship game against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle in September, a four-place drop seemed reasonable.

13. AJ Styles (last week: 20)
Styles got another one-up on The Miz via a singles win on Raw. Although Miz had the last laugh thanks to Ciampa coming in after the match to help “The Phenominal One”, the win is enough to help Styles move north up the ranks thanks to the fact that almost everyone below him was out of rank last week, had more significant losses or were completely absent from TV all week.

14. Asuka (last week: 11)
Everyone was ready for Asuka for the past week. “The Empress of Tomorrow” failed to capture Monday in the Bank Briefcase on Saturday, then lost to Becky Lynch in a seemingly unofficial No. 1 Contender’s Match for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship. The fact that she was in the Raw main event, it was a great main event and Asuka is one of WWE’s best and most consistent Superstars, which is why she only lost three places.

15. The Fighting Bruts (last week: 13)
It’s been a rough week for the Brutes. Sheamus went 0-2 on both SmackDown and Money in the Bank, while Ridge Holland and Butch didn’t do much. A rebound this Friday will be needed to keep the group from sinking even further next week.

16. The Street Profits (last week: 12)
The Street Profits failed to capture the Undisputed Tag Team Championships on Saturday and were part of a few rough promo segments on Raw; while hosting an Extraveganza Bonanza Cookout on July 4, where Angelo Dawkins lost to Akira Tozawa in a hot dog eating contest. The duo only falls at number 16 here because they arguably stole the show from Money in the Bank despite losing in their battle against The Usos, making the most of the cookout segments (which did get them a lot of TV time) ) ) and ended their week with a win on Raw alongside Bobby Lashley against Theory and Alpha Academy. You win something and you lose something.

17. Brock Lesnar (last week: 15)
“The Beast” still looms large in WWE as we get closer and closer to his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Their longstanding rivalry even gets a cool vignette on Raw. Lesnar himself, however, has been out of the picture at all for the past week, so we’ll have to drop him a few spots for that. We’re sure he won’t be here long.

18. Madcap Moss (Last Week: Unranked)
Moss tops the rankings thanks to his Smackdown win over Ezekiel and The Miz, which earned him a spot in Saturday night’s Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He didn’t win that match, but seeing him get that spot is a good sign for the young newcomer. We hope the momentum is put to good use as the road to SummerSlam starts in earnest for the blue brand on Friday.

19. Happy Corbin (Last Week: Unranked)
Moss’s former boyfriend and partner was also on the list this week as Happy Corbin returned to action victoriously on Friday. In a true act of villainous villainy, Corbin stole victory in SmackDown’s Old Fashioned Battle Royale from Drew McIntyre and Sheamus via the old “sneak under the top rope and come back later when everyone has forgotten you’re still in the match” trick . He followed the weekend with an attack on SummerSlam opponent and SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee after the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match ended. Not bad for Corbin’s first full week back.

20. The Viking Raiders (last week: 18)
Although they didn’t have a game this week, it was because whoever they should have been had never started. The New Day attempted to pounce on the intimidating duo ahead of the scheduled match as a way to repay The Viking Raiders’ attack the week before, and things didn’t end well for Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. A shield-wielding beatdown followed with Erik and Ivar finally standing strong again. It was a good week for the team. But unfortunately for them, Moss and Corbin had better weeks.

On the threshold: The Mysterios, Veer Mahaan, Ezekiel, Kevin Owens, Omos, Alexa Bliss, The Miz, Ciampa, New Day, Lacey Evans, Shinsuke Nakamura

Who is NXT: Bron Breakker, Toxic Attraction, Carmelo Hayes, The Creed Brothers, Cameron Grimes, Tiffany Stratton

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