Suspected Parade Gunman Traveled To Wisconsin After Shooting And Milwaukee’s Chances Of Hosting RNC May Have Improved

The Highland Park shooter fired 70 rounds, planned the attack for weeks and drove to Madison after the shooting, police say.

  • The man accused of murdering seven people and injuring dozens more during a parade on July 4 planned the rooftop rampage for weeks, donning women’s clothing to ease his escape into the crowd. said the police on Tuesday.

  • Lake County Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said Robert E. Crimo III, 21, acted alone and fired more than 70 shots. Crimo dropped the assault rifle, climbed off the roof and walked to his mother’s house, said Covelli, who revealed a seventh victim had died Tuesday. More than 8 hours after the attack, a neighbor saw Crimo driving a silver Honda Fit and called 112. Crimo was arrested without incident a short time later.

  • Covelli told the media: “I don’t want to get into how we know he was in Wisconsin, but we know he traveled to madison, before turning around and returning to Illinois.”

Milwaukee’s chances of hosting 2024 RNC may have improved after Nashville’s draft agreement was withdrawn before the Nashville board voted on it

  • Nashville’s odds of winning the . to host Republican National Convention 2024 hit a snag Tuesday after key legislation was repealed before a vote. Two members of the Council withdrew a bill at the last minute to pass a draft agreement between the Republican National Committee and Nashville off the Metro Council’s agenda. Opponents of the bill said it would likely have been voted out on the first of three readings. The move makes Nashville’s status as a host city finalist less secure compared to its contender, Milwaukee.

  • The Nashville 2024 Host Committee asked the administration to withdraw the bill, sponsored by councilors Robert Swope and Jonathan Hall, to allow time to “address multiple concerns and objections” raised by councilors, according to a statement Tuesday evening to The Tennessee. The committee hopes the bill will be resubmitted before the next council meeting on July 19.

  • The Republican National Committee was expected to approve its 2024 convention venue at its meeting on Aug. 5. Nashville can no longer approve an agreement by that date, but the committee can change the deadline. The Milwaukee Joint Council unanimously approved a draft agreement with the Republican National Committee last month.

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