Mock trade lets Nets send Kevin Durant to Nuggets in 3 team deal

The Brooklyn Nets find themselves in a difficult position as they try to figure out what to do with their star duo Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. They know that Durant wants out and that Irving was looking for a sign and trade before he didn’t have many options but choosing to stay with Brooklyn.

Therefore, the Nets must either decide to just make a trade for both players so that both sides can move on, or they keep the stars and try to play nice until the best offer comes along for both.

After all, Nets legend Richard Jefferson suggested Durant stay with Brooklyn? and try to work it out like Kobe Bryant once did with the Los Angeles Lakers.

That said, it’s always nice to see some fake trades and see what the Nets can get for Durant. The last fake trade comes from Bleacher Report and it sends the 2-time Finals MVP to the Denver Nuggets in a three-team trade that includes the Houston Rockets.



The fake trade proposal

  • Denver Nuggets Received: Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon

  • Brooklyn Nets Received: Michael Porter Jr., Aaron Gordon, three first round picks (2023 via MIL, their own 2024 back from HOU, 2029 via DEN)

  • Houston Rockets received: Ben Simmons, Zeke Nnaji

B/R on why the Nets are doing this deal

Getting Durant to join the Nuggets is tricky, as sending Michael Porter Jr. back. going to Brooklyn means Simmons has to go somewhere else. Teams may not have acquired more than one player through trade on a Designated Rookie Extension, Simmons Status, and MPJ Share. Fortunately, the Rockets step in to facilitate a deal here and get Simmons for their problems.

In Porter Jr. and Gordon, the Nets get a ready-made combo forward tandem with complementary strengths. MPJ is the pure scorer, while Gordon guards multiple positions and generally fills in the gaps. Health is a concern for Porter, who missed most of last year due to back surgery, but the three first-rounders heading Brooklyn’s way will help maintain flexibility if he’s not the same player after the injury.

Analyzing the deal from Nets’ point of view

The Nets could do worse than Michael Porter Jr. in terms of players in this situation. and Aaron Gordon, but they would need many more draft picks from the Nuggets if they acquired Durant. Especially when you consider the design capital the Minnesota Timberwolves gave up to the Utah Jazz to get Rudy Gobert.

This is why the Nets should probably just wait it out and see if they can make it work with Durant. There is no need to rush to trades to continue. If Brooklyn can bring him back and the two sides can play well, then Irving might be around and the Nets can get off to a good start. From then on, Durant may have changed his mind about staying in Brooklyn or the Nets may find the trading package they desire.

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