Kevin Durant, Warriors stars talk about reunion

Draymond Green said Kevin Durant made a mistake by leaving the Warriors for the Nets.

Green has a chance – in a conversation that also involves Golden State stalwarts Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson – to tell Durant directly as Durant looking for an exchange from Brooklyn.

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If a trade is possible, would the locker room leaders welcome Durant? According to multiple sources, they would, for the same reason that they hugged him in 2016.

“I mean,” said a source, “it’s damn Kevin Durant.”

The Warriors superstars have been in talks with Durant. In addition to catching up, the Hall of Fame-bound peers harbored the idea of ​​a reunion. The main thing was that it was even possible. The idea of ​​them playing together again had to seem impossible when Durant left as a free agency in 2019. It has not escaped their notice how life has come up with an opportunity for them to come full circle. They see it, like everyone else, and talk about it, just like everyone else.

That said, according to multiple sources in the Warriors organization, a reunion is highly unlikely.

Of course, Golden State is unlikely to add Durant. Despite their interest, the Warriors are just one of probably 20 teams trying to land Durant. Chances are, a single team can pull it off.

Golden State has intriguing young pieces in Jordan PooleJames WisemanJonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody† However, the Warriors don’t have good draft picks, and Andrew Wiggins – who has All-Star status and helps with salary reconciliation – cannot end up on the same as Ben Simmons in trade.

The interpersonal dynamics is one of many factors. Green said that’s what the Warriors wanted… prove they would win without Durant and that especially wanted Curry show what Durant left behind what Durant left behind† Well, Golden State won the championship this year, and Curry finally won NBA Finals MVP after Durant took credit during their two titles together.

But if Curry, Green and Thompson were to welcome Durant, at least one hurdle has been cleared.

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