Rising costs force wildlife rescue in Lincolnshire to close

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said it was “devastated” to have to close its doors, but had no choice due to rising costs of electricity, gas and bills.

Linda Bass and Aaron Goss have “fought hard to avoid a similar fate” to other rescues that had to stop for the same reason, but rising costs have also sharply reduced the donations they need to continue.

The duo funded over 80% of the rescues between them and “just can’t afford to go on”.

Linda came out of retirement and went back to work, and Aaron took on extra shifts while also answering messages/calls and going on rescue services after work.

A volunteer named Lauren, who works long hours as a caretaker, also helped with the call for rescues.

The seal is being treated by Aaron Goss and Linda Bass of Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue (center and right), with help from a representative from British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

Without this, and the support of the public, Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue admitted it “would have closed months ago”, but it hopes the recent closure won’t be “forever” and will be “at least until we’re in a better place.” “.

All new messages and calls are forwarded to vets (when vets can record them) and/or to the next rescue services.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said “our hearts break to say we are closing”.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said in a social media post: “We have seen massive price increases on everything needed for the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.

“Feed is up about 70-90%, petrol prices are skyrocketing (the amount of trips we do every day is unreal), putting all the incubators and specialist equipment, medicines, bedding… a good month can be over £2,000, toss in vet and unexpected bills and you are sometimes double.

“Until we’re in a better place financially, we simply can’t afford to bring in any more shots. We’re just volunteers and we can’t run a rescue (which in itself is a huge task) and run extra shifts at paid workplaces to keep the rescue open, we’re exhausted!

“We really appreciate all the support we have received in the past, without you thousands of injured wild animals and birds would have struggled to be rescued and many would have likely been put to sleep or died in other ways… Our hearts break for the future natural causes that we would afford to include.

“We hope this isn’t forever, but we can’t continue until we have a secure base of funds and know that we can continue the good care that wildlife needs in the future.”

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue added that if only 20% of Facebook’s nearly 6,000 followers made a monthly donation of £2 or something like that, it would be “a better place to start over and allow new shots into the rescue.” “.

Donations to Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue can be made here

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