Miles Bridges arrested for domestic violence crime

NBA star Miles Bridges was arrested Wednesday for domestic violence in Los Angeles. TMZ Sports has learned. The 24-year-old attacker – who most recently played for the Charlotte Hornets – turned himself in at a local jail over an alleged physical altercation that took place on Tuesday.
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John Hollingerjohnhollinger
At no point this spring did I get the impression that the Grizzlies were watching Miles Bridges. Definitely won’t do it now. † 12:29 pm

Kurt Helinbasketball talk
Report: Hornets’ Miles Bridges Arrested for Domestic Violence Crime…11:59 PM

Josh MartinLonzo Wire
Can Charlotte Miles Let Bridges Run Free?…7:01 am

Rod Boonerodboone
A @the observer exclusive: go 1-on-1 with #hornets new coach Steve Clifford. We discussed the importance of interacting with LaMelo, what he’s seen of Miles Bridges, the perception that he only plays veterans and not rookies, and more:…18:07

Bobby MarksBobbyMarks42
Charlotte officially announces the qualifying offer for Miles Bridges ($7.9 million) and Cody Martin ($2.2 million).
Both are now restricted free agents and the Hornets have the option to match on an offer sheet.
They also have bird rights and Charlotte can go over the limit to sign both. † 4.14 pm

Charlotte has officially expanded qualifying offers to Miles Bridges and Cody Martin, making them both limited free agents. † 4:02 p.m.

Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak on Miles Bridges: ‘We’re going to bring him back’…15:13

Kurt Helinbasketball talk
Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak on RFA Miles Bridges: ‘We’re going to bring him back’…15:01

James PlowrightBritish_Buzz
Important to know: If Miles Bridges signs a quote form with another team, Charlotte will NOT be able to sign and trade it. At that point, they can only match him or let him go. † 2:59 pm

James PlowrightBritish_Buzz
For Miles Bridges, “A contract starting at $24 million per season (five years, $139 million) would keep the Hornets under the luxury tax” per @Bobby Marks
CLT can offer more if they change pay, which is quite achievable (Richards/Oubre NGs)…9:30 AM

Josh MartinLonzo Wire
Can Charlotte Miles Let Bridges Run Free?…4:01 AM

Josh MartinLonzo Wire
Can Charlotte Miles Let Bridges Run Free?…17:01

StatMusestate museum
Miles Bridges this season:
20.2 PPG
7.0 RPG
3.8 APG
The Hornets top scorer in 2022. p.m.

Omari Sanfoka IIomarisankofa
Signing Miles Bridges with the Pistons would be great for Detroit rap – 15:19

Rod Boonerodboone
It’s a big week for the #hornets† Here are five things you probably missed after the draft that you need to know when they start off-season.
Amongst them? What Mitch Kupchak said about:
• Bridge Miles
• Gordon Hayward
• Shift in philosophy during concept…9:37 am

James PlowrightBritish_Buzz
“As I reported last week, even if there is room for a player to sign a max contract, the Pistons are unlikely to throw max offers to limited free agents Deandre Ayton and Miles Bridges, although things could change. “
Reported by Piston’s beat writer @James Edwards III am

Miles BridgesMilesBridges
Can we all agree that the Booker T and Hulk Hogan incident was the funniest shit ever on WWF? † 1:32 AM

Miles BridgesMilesBridges
Girly just want me for my Juelz I’m finna Dipset 🤦🏽‍♂️ – 1:06 AM

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Law enforcement officers tell us a woman claims she had an argument with Bridges who got physical. We were told that the police were on the scene, but Bridges had already left when the police arrived. We were told the woman needed medical attention† -through / June 30, 2022

The 6’7″, 225-pounder was arrested by LAPD after turning himself in Wednesday afternoon. His bail was set at $130k…and he has since been released† -through / June 30, 2022

The Hornets don’t see Miles Bridges as a maximum contract player – Brian Windorst -via YouTube / June 30, 2022

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