Teens target racist abuse of women in Muslim clothing in Scotland

A woman and her friends wearing Muslim clothing recently experienced racial abuse by a group of teenagers in Glasgow, Scotland.

One of the victims filmed the incident and shared on Instagram that they were verbally assaulted on Saturday while walking in Glasgow Green, a park on the east side of Glasgow.

The images show a group of teenagers throwing racist statements to the victims, some of whom wore abayas, long garments often worn by Muslim women.

“Yesterday they were racially attacked by horrible girls in Glasgow Green, they started screaming when my friends and I woke up [sic] past,” wrote the Instagram user. “They started making Islamophobic remakes for my friends wearing abayas. Absolutely disappointed #peoplemakeglasgow.”

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At the beginning of the clip, three girls and a boy can be seen approaching the victims before the assault of verbal abuse begins.

You can hear one of the girls say, “Are you going to hit me with your bomb?”

“Go back home, you ISIS b*tch,” adds another girl, who seems to be recording the incident as well.

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The girls can also hear “ISIS b*stard” and the n-word yelling at the victims.

“Please bomb me,” the boy says, then declares “Your blood is stupid” in a fake Asian accent.

The third girl runs away from the group, apparently refusing to participate in the bullying. The victim who posted about the incident shared on Instagram that the girl later apologized for her friends’ actions.

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The video, which generated more than 300,000 views in less than a day, sparked outrage among commentators.

“They’re just projecting their own self-loathing onto you and it’s grim to watch let alone be on the receiving end of it,” one commenter wrote. “I’m sorry this happened and I hope you can ignore their disgusting comments, pretty girl.”

Other users found the teens’ actions “bad” and “unacceptable”.

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Local authorities reportedly had no report of the incident.

Featured image via Instagram

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