Knicks calls teams about Julius Randle trade

According to Knick’s beat report Fred Katz of The Athletic, the front office has at least looked into it. On a recent episode of the Callin Shots podcast, Katz confirmed that the team is on the phone across the league about a potential Julius Randle transaction. But he also confirmed that probably nothing will happen in the upcoming off-season: “The Knicks have inquired with other teams about moving Julius Randle …I’m not optimistic, if you’re someone who wants them to trade Randle, I wouldn’t predict it will happen this summer. We’re talking about giving him away. Maybe if you take back a contract of equal value.”
Source: RP Salao @ Link Points

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Nate DuncanNateDuncanNBA
For me, Jalen Brunson would have had more reps, as well as much better coaching and distance, had he stayed in Dallas. With Randle and Barrett as 2 common lefts looking to attack from the right side of the floor, plus a below average gap, he would maximize his potential more in DAL – 11:40 PM

Tony JonesTjonesonthenba
We’re going to have Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle and Barrett all making $100 million in the seventh best team in the Eastern Conference – 22:18

Fred KatzFredKatz
If Jalen Brunson ends up with the Knicks, it will be fascinating to see how he fits in an attack with two top scorers, Barrett and Randle, who are best within the arc, as well as possibly a rim-diving 5. Brunson is so effective for part of his rinkydink moves within the arc. † 18:26

Justin Kubatkojkubatko
📅 On this day in 2014, the NBA Draft was held in New York, NY. The top five picks:
1. Andrew Wiggins, CLE
2. Jabari Parker, MIL
3. Joel Embiid, PHIA
4. Aaron Gordon, ORL
5. Dante Exum, UTA
Other notables:
7. Julius Randle, LAL
13. Zach LaVine, MIN
41. Nikola Jokic, DEN

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“Paolo is probably at the top of those big three for me because he’s the most conservative pick, and he’s consistent,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype after the lottery. “I like him in play-off-type situations. He has the ability to make others around him better.” Two NBA executives compared Banchero’s advantage to what Julius Randle was during his All-Star campaign last season. “Paolo gives you the most complete player that comes in,” added an NBA scout† -through HoopsHype / 20 May 2022

Jazz staffers and various figures in the league point most directly to CAA for the whispers that seem intended to force Mitchell into requesting a swap from Utah, specifically to New York. The jazz staff took great offense at Knicks executives William Wesley and Allan Houston and All-Star forward Julius Randle sitting on the right side during Utah’s Game 1 win over the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs, sources said. -through Bleacher report / 11 May 2022

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