Kyrie Irving signs MLE deal with Lakers?

Jake Fisher: Sources with knowledge of the situation have increasingly believed Kyrie Irving‘s willingness to opt out of Brooklyn, the $6M mid-level taxpayer sign with the Lakers, where Irving can re-sign in 2023 for the long-term. More on @getcallin with @BigWos at 7:30 ET:
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David Hardistyclutch fans
We’re starting now… I’m sure Kyrie and the nets will also be a big discussion point.…13.01 hrs

Jake FischerJakeLFischer
Sources with knowledge of the situation increasingly believe in Kyrie Irving’s willingness to opt out of Brooklyn, and sign the $6 million taxpayer sign with the Lakers, where Irving can re-sign in 2023 for a long-term deal.
More @getcallin of @BigWos at 7:30 E.T.:…12:58 pm

Tommy BearTommyBear
Kyrie: “Okay, who wants to work on a sign-and-trade!?!?!?!. Let’s go!!”
NBA teams: pm

Adam MaresAdam_Mares
The Nets, listening to the competition bureau, explain to them that they are going to accept a Kyrie for a Westbrook trade. pm

the bellringernba
The Lakers: “Can we discuss a Kyrie Irving trade?”
The Nets: “Sure. Who are you willing to bid?”
The Lakers: “Russell West
The nets: pm

Ky CarlinKy_Carlin
What a disaster the situation of Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn turned out to be. My god merciful. † 12:37 pm

Yaron WeitzmanYaronWeitzman
Knicks fans, if the options are Kyrie on a maximum of 4 years or Brunson on a maximum of 4 years, which do you prefer? † 12:34 pm

Austin KrellNBAKrell
According to Windhorst (via SC), the Nets would rather lose Kyrie than a status quo situation. † 12:32 pm

Kyrie Irving to discuss sign-and-trade deals looking to leave Brooklyn #NBA…12:28

Kyle Goonkylegoon
A quick recap of my assessment of how the Lakers should look at a potential partnership with Kyrie:…12:25 pm

Bill Oramibilloram
As I wrote last week *at the old track* you certainly don’t want to be the team whose best option is Kyrie Irving, but that’s where the Lakers are.…12:25 pm

Tony EastTEastNBA
You never really hear much about that Kyrie Irving guy anymore, do you? † 12:25 pm

Kurt Helinbasketball talk
Report: Nets authorize Kyrie Irving to seek sign-and-trade deals…12:15 pm

Ryan BlackburnNBABlackburn
I regularly think of the Cavs offering Kyrie Irving for a Jamal Murray + pick pack in 2017. – 12:06

StatMusestate museum
Kevin Durant Playoff Win% with Superstar Teammates:
78.6 — Steph Curry
57.3 — Russell Westbrook
46.2 — Kyrie Irving

Mike MazzeoMazzNYC
If this is the end I’m going to miss Joe Tsai, Sean Marks and Kevin Durant defending, supporting and hurting Kyrie Irving as he selfishly sabotaged last season. These Core Four really deserved each other – 11:58 am

Alex SchifferAlex__Schiffer
The athletic can confirm:@Kristian Winfield‘s report that Kyrie Irving has been cleared to seek a sign-and-trade from the Nets. Repeating this from a week ago why that’s easier said than done:…11:56 am

Vincent GoodwillVinceGoodwill
In light of what?@Kristian Winfieldreported… “If Irving were a player who lifts all the tides, if he were someone whose mere presence inspired teammates to play with him and for him, he would have not only the Nets as suitors, but anyone without an All-NBA PG”…11:56 am

Adam WexlerAdamJWexler
A few things whirl…
– Case has been filed vs #Texansby Buzzbee
– Watson/NFL/NFLPA hearing is Tuesday
– The first 4 games of the ALCS preview were AMAZING!!!
#missiles – Soon wall separation
– Nets Irving looking to trade
I’m sure of it #TheATeam will be lit. I’m on vacation!! † 11:54 am

Brothers KamenetzkyKamBrothers
Monday @LockedOnLakers podcasting! The latest on the “Kyrie to the Lakers” rumours, plus listener questions about which veterans can/should be retained. Melo? Dwight? *None of them? #FirstListen @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods…11:16 am

Kristian Winfieldcrisscrossed
Sources: Kyrie Irving has sought and obtained permission from the Nets to find sign-and-trade offers from other teams. Kevin Durant still hasn’t spoken to Net’s front office. Russell Westbrook to Brooklyn remains unlikely. More for @NYDNSports…11:08 am

Sirius XM NBASiriusXMNBA
This week, Kyrie Irving will make a decision on his $36 million player option for the 2022-23 season.
@Brian Scalabrine thinks he should sign up and “prove himself”. am

Alex SchifferAlex__Schiffer
Together with @Sam Amick and @Joe Vardon to run through Kyrie Irving/Kevin Durant’s situation:…10:04 am

Sam Amicksam_amick
Is Kyrie Irving Trying To Leave Brooklyn And Is Kevin Durant Next? Investigating the situation of Nets that could dominate the NBA summer, on @TheAthleticof @Alex Schiffer and @Joe Vardon…9:47 am

Joe Vardonjoevardon
Can Kyrie Irving do anything to save his reputation among NBA fans? It starts with cheap signings with the Lakers.@Sam Amick@Alex Schifferand I break it down@The Athletic…9:08 am

Chris Sheridansheridanhoops
Amid all the Kyrie Irving speculation, he’s 95-1 to win #NBA Award for Most Valuable Player in 2022-23. Bradley Beal is 110-1 and Zach LaVine is 160-1. Steph Curry is 18-1 behind seven others. Doncic, Embiid, Giannis are most likely 1-2-3. LeBron James is 23-1. † 8:40 am

Sam QuinnSamQuinnCBS
Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have even considered Kyrie to the Lakers as a possibility.
A week ago, I was intrigued but dismissive, focused on more seemingly plausible off-season scenarios.
Now I’m really starting to believe that this is their only hope of competing next season. † 22:37

Zach LoweZachLoe_NBA
ICYMI: Lowe Post Podcast: @Bobby Marks@Jonathan Givony concept summary + free agency preview: Nets, Kyrie, fake KD trades, Ayton, DET/ORL drafts, Sixers trade, deals that haven’t happened (but might have), more:

Kurt Helinbasketball talk
Draymond Green on possible Irving, LeBron on Lakers: “They won’t beat us”…9:00 am

Nate DuncanNateDuncanNBA
New Dunc’d On Prime: BRK; USED ​​TO BE; UTA; NO P; GSW: Huge Off-Season Outlook Day. @Danny Leroux
and I rate the markets for Kyrie Irving and Rudy Gobert, the Looney and GPII free agencies, and much more. Join us: duncdon.supportingcast.fm6:11 pm

Ian BegleyIanBegley
From earlier: “Basketball is obviously the most important thing, but I try not to let anyone else’s personal decision get in the way…no matter what, the friendship will still be there.”
Kevin Durant on Kyrie, via The ETCs podcast. More:…14:47

More this storyline

Adrian Wojnarowski: ESPN Sources: Outside of the Lakers, there are currently no known teams planning to pursue sign-and-trades for Nets G Kyrie Irving. Formally, sign-and-trades cannot be discussed until after 6 p.m. on Thursdays. It is believed Brooklyn has no interest in available Lakers packs. -through Twitter @wojespn / 27 June 2022

Adrian Wojnarowski: If Irving turns down his $36 million player option, he will be eligible to sign with the Lakers for the $6 million exception. Deadline is Wednesday to decide on the option. -through Twitter @wojespn / 27 June 2022

The belief among league and player circles alike is that Irving is gone and the Seven-Eleven Era is over before it ever began. Irving only appeared in 103 regular season games in Brooklyn, a three-year run that was blighted in Year 1 by a nagging shoulder injury; in year 2 due to absences for personal reasons; and in Year 3 due to Irving’s reluctance to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in a city that only introduced a professional athlete waiver under its vaccine mandate weeks before the NBA playoffs began. -through New York Daily News / 27 June 2022

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