Your Marriage Rights Are Next!

The view’s grand trip to the Bahamas to mark the daytime talk show’s 25th anniversary kicked off on a less than celebratory note on Monday, when the hosts first weighed in on the Supreme Court decision that abolished the constitutional right of women to make decisions about their own bodies.

As moderator Whoopi Goldberg explained at the start of the show, the news broke as the team flew down from New York. Joy Behar, meanwhile, joked that she almost “jumped out of the plane”.

Each co-host expressed their shock and dismay – despite many warnings – that we now live in a post-Roe America. But it was Goldberg who had the strongest words, especially for Judge Clarence Thomas, who he believes opened the door to rollback of other fundamental rights for women, LGBTQ Americans and others.

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“I want to make things very clear. I am very pro life. I’ve never been against life,” Goldberg said of the decision toward the end of the show’s second part. “I want people to have the life they want, but I don’t want to force anyone – I don’t want someone to come into my house and tell me how to raise my daughter and what she needs, because they don’t know.

“And I appreciate everyone’s religion, but I don’t subscribe to your religion. I’m not asking you to subscribe to mine. And you don’t have the right to tell me because of your religious beliefs, because what now? As Clarence Thomas points out, they’d like to get rid of birth control. Do you understand, sir? No, because you don’t have to use it!”

When Sunny Hostin stepped in to say that in addition to birth control, gay marriage and affirmative action are also “on the menu,” Goldberg replied, “We weren’t even in the Constitution. We weren’t even Humans in the Constitution.”

“You better hope they don’t come for you, Clarence!” she said to him. “And tell me not to marry your wife who happens to be white. And you better hope no one says, ‘You know, well, you’re not in the Constitution, you’re a quarter of a person again,’ because that’s not going to work either!’

while Thomas declared in his unanimity to Judge Samuel Alito’s majority position that “we must reconsider all material precedents of this Court, including: GriswoldLaurentiusand Obergefell”, he conveniently left the decisions on the right to birth control, the decriminalization of gay sex and the legalization of same-sex marriage. Loving v. Virginia case that interracial marriage made a constitutional right.

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