This key factor looms in Panthers potential trade for 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

The Carolina Panthers maybe already Jimmy Garoppolo drafted as their starting strategist for the 2022 campaign, if not for a trifle. (Okay, maybe it’s not that small.)

As noted by MMQB senior editor Albert Breer on Monday, every possible trade of the San Francisco 49ersThe 30-year-old passer-by — of the Panthers or otherwise — still depends largely on his upcoming paycheck. Garoppolo, who has another pertinent caveat in the fact that he just had his throwing arm surgery, will make a pretty hefty $24.6 million this season.

“The Niners, I’ve been told repeatedly, are willing to let other teams talk to him about renegotiating the contract — and they need to now, because only two teams (interestingly, the Browns and Panthers) could take that lump sum. without maneuvering any kind of cap,” Breer writes

The Panthers currently have over $25 million in cap space to work with. But that, as Breer adds, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s set aside for a trade from Jimmy G.

“Meanwhile, San Francisco is extremely tight, with both Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel in need of deals. So when Garoppolo is healthy, which should be soon, will he be willing to team up with another team to lower his numbers (his salary won’t be guaranteed until week 1, meaning the Niners will give him a fine before then? can cut) for the chance to start somewhere else? Or will he try to take advantage of his release, which probably means losing money but having to choose his destiny?

Whether it was for Garoppolo or Baker MayfieldCarolina took a calculated approach in finding a solution below the middle. And by “calculated” we mean patient – very patient.

Even in the case of rookie Matt Corral, general manager Scott Fitterer and head coach Matt Rhule waited for the standout Ole Miss to fall all the way down by the end of the third round pounce† It was clear that night, if it wasn’t before, that this brain confidence wouldn’t trip over itself for a quarterback who was less than certifiable.

So that clearly remains the case for the Panthers. Will they keep pressure on the Cleveland Browns? Will they bide more time for a Garoppolo release? Or will they play with what they have now?


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