Expectations remain that John Collins, Malcolm Brogdon will be traded sooner or later

Expectations remain that both John Collins and Malcolm Brogdon will be treated sooner rather than later
Source: Marc Stein @ marcstein.substack.com

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Sam QuinnSamQuinnCBS
If the Mavs think they are losing Jalen Brunson to the Knicks, I think they should get the Pacers+Knicks involved in a 3-way deal to bring in Malcolm Brogdon.
The Knicks must use another FRP to free up space for Brunson. If you’re Dallas, why not do an S&T and pass that choice over to Indy? † 22:31

Kevin O’ConnorKevinOConnorNBA
New podcast with @Logan Murdock with seven lingering NBA Draft questions about Brunson, the Spurs, Ayton, Gobert, John Collins, Wolves, Bulls and the Durant-Irving situation. @ringer open.spotify.com/episode/1GcuQK…8:34 PM

the bellringernba
🗣Deandre Ayton’s Future
🗣 Best places for John Collins
🗣 Should the Bulls go all in on Rudy Gobert?
‘The emptyness’: open.spotify.com/episode/1GcuQK…7:53 PM

Chris KirschnerChris Kirschner
I asked Landry Fields where the organization stands with John Collins and how they see him long term.
“We’ve had him under contract for a long time. He’s been a great player for us. He’s done great things for us. We’re excited about John Collins.” † 12:44 pm

Jon KrawczynskicJonKrawczynski
“I’ve always compared him to Malcolm Brogdon. “Just the big guard.” — Duke assistant Chris Carrawell for our @BrendanRMarks
What the Timberwolves Get in Wendell Moore Jr.

Marc SteinTheSteinLine
Paolo Banchero is overall number 1, 10 picks are in, NO trades yet…meaning John Collins is still a hawk (for now).
The first third of the first round of the NBA Draft did not go quite as planned. † 21:09

Chris KirschnerChris Kirschner
Source: Heard it’s “probably” John Collins will stay with Atlanta tonight. † 9:00 am

Tommy BearTommyBear
With Pacers drafting Mathurin their backcourt is even busier – with Hailburton, Duarte, Buddy Heild and Brogdon also in the mix…have to think they’re moving Brogdon before the start of the season – 20:48

Rylan StilesRylan_Stiles
NOW HOURS GONE! Newly locked to #Thunder Podcast:
🏀 A monumental day for the franchise
🏀 NBA Draft Preview
🏀 Paolo odds change
🏀 Final big board (1-60)
🏀 John Collins Rumours
#ThunderUp #FirstListen:
https://t.co/mMkaoW37hY pic.twitter.com/VGpctJa74U18:02

Jeff GoodmanGoodmanHoops
Not easy to find a “man” in the 2nd round. Here are some of the best from the past ten years:
Nikola Jokic, 41st (2014)
Draymond Green, 35th (2012)
Khris Middleton, 39th (2012)
Jalen Brunson, 33rd (2018)
Malcolm Brogdon, 36th (2016)
Dillon Brooks, 45th in (2017) – 16:51

More this storyline

Should New York ultimately fail in its efforts to lure Brunson away from the Dallas Mavericks, Malcolm Brogdon is widely expected to be the Knicks’ next point guard target this offseason. sources told B/R, not the smashing headline name that is Kyrie Irving. -through Bleacher report / June 23, 2022

As possible destinations, the New York Knicks are working to clear space for the salary cap, and are preparing to recruit Dallas Maverick’s free agent Jalen Brunson, sources say. He wanted a four-year, $55 million extension last season, but the Mavericks never made an offer, sources say. Because of the risk of losing Brunson for nothing to the Knicks, where his former agent, Leon Rose, is the president of basketball operations, and his father, Rick, a newly hired assistant coach, it could almost cost a maximum contract for the Mavericks to keep him. If the Knicks fail to acquire Brunson in free agency and miss out on a trade for Indiana Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon, they’d probably look into Kyrie Irving’s opportunity — if he was still available† -through ESPN / June 22, 2022

Evan Sidery: The Kings will decide on the clock which offer to accept for Jaden Ivey at number 4, per @wojespn. Woj also mentions that Malcolm Brogdon needs to be in motion before the design starts† -through Twitter / June 22, 2022

It’s clear that the Hawks see one of their ways to get better is trading Collins. Everyone expects it. “He’s ready in Atlanta,” a source close to Collins said† -through the athletic / June 26, 2022

Jake Fischer on John Collins: The Spurs are definitely doing information about John, I know they’re calling around to ask about him† -through Spotify / 25 June 2022

Jake Fisher: I do know Boston called about him at some point in this concept cycle but never brought this up publicly before because I was told it was never very serious that we would get very far† -through Spotify / 25 June 2022

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