Tesla fires just-starting workers and withdraws job offers as Elon Musk’s job cuts begin

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Elon Musk announced in June that Tesla’s workforce would increase.Patrick Pleul/Getty Images

  • Tesla has laid off employees who only joined the company months or even weeks ago.

  • An intern had his full-time offer withdrawn, while a recruiter was fired after just two weeks.

  • A manager said Tesla threatened to cut health insurance if he refused the severance package.

Tesla employees who started their jobs months or even weeks ago have been laid off, while others have withdrawn offers as the company begins to impose cuts announced by Elon Musk in early June.

Insider found a number of reports from Tesla employees saying they had been laid off as part of the cut, while others had withdrawn their job offers.

Paul Brotherton, a Senior project manager who had only started in January, told Insider, “I was very shocked when I was told I was being fired. As a manager, I felt that my position was safe.”

When asked how Tesla decided to cut which roles, he said: “They said layoffs were based on performance reviews, but that’s a lie because I had only been with Tesla for 5 months and didn’t have any performance goals or a performance rating. asked what stats they were using and they refused to tell me.”

“The process was definitely not fair because I never got the team I asked for.”

Brotherton said the whole process was very cold: “My manager wouldn’t look at me or shake my hand when I said goodbye.”

He added that “the severance payment was very unfair because they basically force you to accept by threatening to take out the medical insurance.”

Iain Abshier, who was part of the recruiting team, further said: Tuesday in a LinkedIn message: “Damn, talk about a stomach sleeper. Friday afternoon, after barely two weeks of work, I was admitted to the Tesla layoffs.”

Robert Belovodskij was offered his job as a development engineer for production controls”. He said: “The timing of the situation is also unfortunate, as I was due to start in early August.”

In early June, Musk told Tesla executives to pause all hiring because he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy and cut 10% of the company’s workforce. However, he tweeted that later the workforce would increase, but the number of salaried employees would not increase.

Mansi Chandresha joined Tesla in February as a data analyst and posted on LinkedIn after learning she was being circumcised, “I’ve been trying to get myself on the news that my position at Tesla has ended.”

Still, she added: “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a fantastic team.”

Chandresha said she was urgently looking for a new role before her student visa expired at the end of July.

Two former employees is suing the company for alleging that the electric car maker has broken federal law by firing hundreds of employees on short notice.

John Lynch and Daxton Hartsfield, who filed the lawsuit, said at least 500 of their Nevada colleagues lost their jobs around the same time, the document shows.

Insider found at least 11 more workers whose jobs had been cut. More people are likely to suffer the same fate as Musk said at the Qatar Economic Forum last week that the cut would take effect in the next three months.

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