Damian Lillard recruits Kevin Durant on social media

Dionysis Aravantinos: Damian Lillard on Instagram
Source: Twitter

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Get started. Bank. snow.
— 27/7/4
— 48/38/88%
Gold State:
— 26/7/5
— 52/38/88%
— 29/7/6
— 53/41/90%
KD has always been elite. pic.twitter.com/Zf2jASEgd316:17

Quinton MayoReal Quinton Mayo
Lady pic.twitter.com/JZH7TLj8YD4:15 pm

Sean Highkinhighly intelligent
Whoever did that Dame/KD photoshop was smart enough not to give it #7 and let it go back to 35. Knowing that is a key to a successful sweater swap. I’ve seen Myles Turner in a #33 Celtics jersey and that dispels the intrigue for me. † 4.10 pm

the verticalYahooSportsNBA
Durant + Lady?
Looks like Lillard wants it to happen
(via damianlillard/IG) pic.twitter.com/gNqe33eubV16:01

David Hardistyclutch fans
You have no idea how funny it is to see all these kids hate, hate and hate me for a month and subtweet about Jabari changing it and now talking about him like he’s the next KD. It really is a surreal experience. † 15:27

Alex KennedyAlexKennedyNBA
If Kyrie Irving leaves the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant will reportedly request a trade.
If KD becomes available, what would a Durant transaction look like? Which teams make sense as a potential destination? @NekiasNBA breaks it down: basketballnews.com/stories/nba-tr…2:12 PM

Ira WindermanIraHeatBeat
QUESTION IRA: Could another Heat run on Kevin Durant be in play? sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-h…13:29

Jabari YoungJabariJYoung
Now that the #NBA season is over, @ispottv has released the ad spend report. Estimated to spend approximately $1.3 billion on NBA content (reg.+playoffs+finals)
State Farm among the best seen brands. (For me those Boban commercials helped)
Dame & Tatum commercials also did well. #Sportbiz pic.twitter.com/nffTs8PmbV11:51 am

Chris BroussardChris_Broussard
Of @HuskeyEnt† Should KD get involved in the Kyrie situation? Was Durant ever a “bus driver”? NBA Draft summary and more! Guests: Kerry Kittles @Michael Lee
Catch us live on weeknights 7-10p ET @FoxSportsRadio & @iHeartRadio podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the…11:15 am

Zach LoweZachLoe_NBA
Lowe Post podcast: @Bobby Marks@Jonathan Givony summarize the concept + look ahead to free agency: Nets, Kyrie, fake KD trades, Ayton, DET/ORL drafts, Sixers trade, deals that haven’t happened (but might have), more:
Spotify: spoti.fi/39QSdm9
Apple: apple.co/3A2Mkx410:43 am

Ira WindermanIraHeatBeat
Could another Heat run on Kevin Durant be in play? Last “Ask Ira” on sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-h… and more. † 8:14 am

Kevin O’ConnorKevinOConnorNBA
New podcast with @Logan Murdock with seven lingering NBA Draft questions about Brunson, the Spurs, Ayton, Gobert, John Collins, Wolves, Bulls and the Durant-Irving situation. @ringer open.spotify.com/episode/1GcuQK…8:34 PM

The last three players to draft the Thunder/Sonics into the top five have become MVPs:
— Kevin Durant
—Russell Westbrook
— James Harden
Chet is next. pic.twitter.com/fJq1h1wSES17:34

Sean Highkinhighly intelligent
I asked Joe Cronin about Damian Lillard’s involvement in the design process: “He’s so curious. He has a pretty good front office lens. He gets the other side. It’s pretty cool to be able to talk to him about putting together the rosters and getting into cap stuff. † 12:55 pm

Tom Orsborntom_orsborn
Spurs go for another potentially high-scoring guard, opting for Notre Dame’s Blake Wesley with the 25th overall pick.
expressnews.com/sports/spurs/a…10:49 PM

Henry AbbottTrueHope
@David Thorpe: I’m a fan after seeing him on ND. Another man Spurs hopes will be very good in a few years. Team now loaded with players in that position; probable trades come to SA.
https://t.co/LIiDCynK7i pic.twitter.com/i1OIMsioRe22:36

Tom Orsborntom_orsborn
Spurs go for another potentially high-scoring guard, opting for Notre Dame’s Blake Wesley with the 25th overall pick.
Sochan, Branham & Wesley are all 19. – 22:32

Adrian Wojnarowskiwojespn
For a third pick in the first round, the Spurs are targeting Notre Dame’s Blake Wesley, per source. † 22:28

Sean Highkinhighly intelligent
Shaedon Sharpe said he didn’t get a chance to talk to Damian Lillard while he was in town training, although Lillard watched with the front office/coaching staff. † 21:21

Jeff GoodmanGoodmanHoops
Shaedon Sharpe and Lady!!! † 8:43 pm

Kerry Eggerscurry eggs
That’s a great story — Notre Dame women’s coach Niele Ivey’s child is doing well. Jaden goes No. 5 with the pistons. † 20:37

Law MurrayLawMurrayTheNU
I like Keegan and the Maloofs at least don’t own the team… because the Thomas Robinson-Damian Lillard comp will glow in the dark – 20:31

Michael Grangemichaelgrange
So all indications are that Raptors won’t take any steps to get into the lottery – ie moving OG Anunoby. No surprise there. Most of the energy comes from Portland working hard to add veterans around Lillard. Toronto is still in ‘be patient and grow’ mode. † 7:54 PM

Tom Zillerteamziller
Dame Time waits for no one.
On the line Portland is currently running, and maybe they’ll jump off it Thursday: ziller.substack.com/p/dame-time-wa…7:51 am

Rich Hoffmanrich_hofmann
As an outsider, kind of like the Detroit-Portland swap for both teams?
If you’re still going to build around Dame (which is more questionable), you’ll do it with big, athletic wings. And Cade-Ayton pick-and-roll would be nice, if they can actually get him. † 21:03

You can make an all-time squad from Jerami Grant’s teammates:
PG — Russell Westbrook
SG — Damian Lillard
SF — Paul George
PF — Jerami Grant
C — Nikola Jokic pic.twitter.com/RcyuHhoyta8:23 PM

Damian Lillard last season: “Where we are is not good enough.”
Blazers additions since:
— Cody Zeller
— Ben McLemore
— Josh Hart
— Dennis Smith Jr
— Eric Bledsoe
—Justise Winslow
— Joe Ingles
— Jerami Grant
Look at Lady. pic.twitter.com/hILTOs1Akm18:31

Christos TsaltasTsaltas46
2022-23 Blazers possible starting grid
Lillard – Simons – Hart – Grant – Nurkic
They have scorers, height, defensive ability, leadership.
They will be good candidates for the play-offs next season. #RipCity6:15 pm

Start of something? pic.twitter.com/sR163yFFhS18:04

Keith SmithKeith Smith NBA
If they re-sign their own FAs, Portland could roll out:
Jusuf Nurkic
Jerami Grant
Josh Hart
Anfernee Simons
Damian Lillard
Plus, whoever they add with their exceptions and on #7 or through other trades. Not a bad start to the retool for the Blazers. † 18:02

More this storyline

Jusuf Nurkic: -through Twitter @bosnianbeast27 / 25 June 2022

Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard was reportedly interested in playing with Ayton. However, Portland kept Jusuf Nurkic through the trade deadline with the intention of re-signing him to a free agency this summer. which remains the case a week before the free agency kicks off, league sources told HoopsHype. -through HoopsHype / June 24, 2022

Aaron J. Fentress: I just spoke to Damian Lillard’s agent, Aaron Goodwin. He praised the trade for Jerami Grant and said it gives his superstar client a new impact lace number to work with while also showing that “the Blazers compete.” #RipCity -via Twitter @AaronJFentress / June 23, 2022

Anyway, teams are reportedly in the process of preparing the Nets star that may be available in the coming days. So says ESPN insider Zach Lowe in a post-NBA draft episode of his Lowe Post podcast: “I can tell you this. This is what teams do. Teams are already operating under, not the assumption, but “we need to prepare for the unforeseen circumstance that Kevin Durant will be available through trade in six days or seven days.” … The whole competition is now.” -through Linking Points / 25 June 2022

There are rumors that if Irving eventually leaves the Nets, Durant could also ask. For Windhorst, the Heat would try to trade for KD after the situation exploded in Irving. “The godfather’s step is not to trade for Kyrie Irving. The godfather’s step is to detonate the Kyrie Irving situation and then wait for Kevin Durant to say he wants to get out of there. That’s the Miami Heat movement,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s Get Up† -through Linking Points / 25 June 2022

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